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Video content disruptors…. Posers or “A” players?

There are a vast array interesting startup companies these days and a few of them are considered “disruptive”, though they are still on the radar to the masses. The first one that we can name would be a company called NimbleTV. Nimble streams regional cable programs to any device connected to the internet. The company streams content that the customer already pays for. So… As long as we have a cable subscription, we can access the content!

Mohu, on the other hand, offers HD-capable antennas that can pick up broadcast feeds to our TV’s. With these high-tech rabbit ears, Mohu, out of Raleigh, NC, doesn’t need to worry about copyright issues. Mohu also has a newer product available that will allow us to access streaming content AND the website all on our own TVs.

We can’t leave Kaltura off of our list. This company is considered a hot topic as of late. This company offers one of the most advanced pay OTT solutions available. They offer us a great delivery of OTT video. With user acquisition, social features, and multi monetization; Kaltura offers us a seamless experience.

Next to the newer faces, comes an older, more experienced, company. RR Media has been around since 1981. Though older, this company has stayed strong and is keeping up with cutting edge technology. RR Media sticks to bringing us sports and media coverage and is very much relied on by most major news channels and sports leagues.

Finally, one of the biggest companies to cause a disturbance these days, Hulu. Hulu, owned by Disney, Comcast, and Fox, brought in $1 billion just last year. Not only are they keeping their competition hopping, but they offer us options that Netflix doesn’t, claims over 6 million subscribers, and manages to get revenue from a massive amount of users that don’t subscribe so, therefore, watch the advertisements. For those that don’t delve deep into the world of streaming video, I can’t find a single person these days that doesn’t know about Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. The latter two of those three may not be at the top of the list yet, but we certainly know who they are.

Disruption is now taking over as the norm in Broadcast circles… So at what point do we stop and ask ourselves… Is the quality of the content high enough to make disparate methods of consumption really worth it?

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