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Top 5 Trends in Broadcast Technology

Trends are fickle things. Almost as soon as we begin to follow a trend, it begins to change. Electronics, however, have a longer shelf life for maintaining certain trends. 2016 is going to flow into 2017 and these current trends in buying are going to grow throughout the next few years. We’re preparing for the advancement for the next “wave of the future” regarding the way we watch TV. Our TV’s are growing more interactive; so much so that most of the TVs that are being purchased, and that will be purchased, are waiting on the advancement of how movies are made. Here are the top 5 buying trends in Broadcast right now.


Trend central is the current use of streaming data and digital content. How many of us watch a TV program when the content provider actually schedules it? Other than maybe live sporting, or other major, events! Many of us still have a cable company, but many of us also get frustrated by the lack of content that we desire. This is where On demand services and then companies such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime come into our lives. Granted, there are many more companies out there, but these are the top three that we see being utilised at present. This brings me to the first trend. Streaming digital content. Most of us have Netflix or Hulu on right now. Are cable companies going to disappear anytime soon? Probably not, but we may see them continue to fade into the background more and more when it comes to the their position in the value chain.


Another trend, high on the list of broadcast technologies, is tech companies. The digital born companies and organisations such as Google, Alibaba, and Amazon offer us a slew of different services. Upon closer look, each of these companies offers products and services that are based on platforms.

Technology-Based Lifestyles

This brings me to the next on the list of trends. Industries are going all out to bring us new technology of every colour and flavor as fast as they can. They almost have to. We’re being offered so much so fast that companies and organisations are stumbling over one another vying for our attention. It no longer comes down to saying, “May the best man win”. Instead, we’re saying, “may the best app win”.


Apps. Apps are everywhere. We have them on our TVs and our phones; our computers and laptops and tablets are brimming with apps. We are drowning in applications. We’ve all heard the joking comment, “There’s an app for that”; and there is. We play with simulated goats on our coffee breaks and make sure that our kids get the latest version of Mine Craft for their tablets. The trend is only going to get stronger. Most companies broadcast over applications as well as allowing our electronics to work properly. Apps are here to stay, folks.

“Smarter” Living

Last on this list, but not the least, is “Smart”. Everywhere we turn we’re faced with smartphones, smartwatches (the latest coming to us in October courtesy of Nixon), smartTVs, and more. We’re building our electronics to be lighter, faster, more efficient, and not too far in the future we’ll all have VR systems in our homes that are going to be “smarter” than we are. Every single one of these trends revolves around broadcast technology. Without that key ingredient, our phones, our tablets, and our computers and gaming systems would be in our lives a lot less.

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