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The top 3 career killers in Broadcast Technology (Avoid like the plague!)

There are three career killers that will prevent a person from ever working in the broadcast technology industry again. These mistakes are considered deal breakers when prospective employers are looking to hire new staff. So candidates need to make sure they avoid living in the moment.

Stealing Equipment

Common sense tells us that stealing equipment from former employers in broadcast technology isn’t a good idea. Unfortunately, there are people who leave companies and decide there is something more owed to them than their final paycheck. The might take something small that no one should ever miss, and it turns out that people do notice. In these cases, a former employer can state an employee ineligible for rehire and they may even take legal action that can further prevent this individual from having a career in other industries also.

Broadcasting Prohibited Material

A quick late night prank or a moment of indiscretion can kill a person’s career. When a person is broadcasting, they need to ensure that you are following all the laws that are in place. Unfortunately, some individuals have learned this the hard way over the years by assuming no one would ever find out that they aired a short clip of something considered obscene. Once a complaint is filed, their employer can review the transmission and they will determine if the employee violated any regulations. Once word of this gets out there, an employee will be hard pressed to work in the broadcast technology industry again.

Being Difficult to Work With

It’s good when a person knows their job. But they shouldn’t get to the point where they’re reminding people that they know what they’re doing. The egotistical and abrasive behavior that some people exhibit, will prevent people from working with them. If they change networks or industry roles and build a negative reputation for themselves, they’ll find it is incredibly difficult to land a new job. After all, who wants to work with someone who goes out of their way to complicate things? Additional elements like lying, causing drama, and bullying your co-workers are other areas of concern that can have a negative impact on a person’s career.

These are just some of the career killers people face in Broadcast Technology. It is important to take the time to focus on ways to avoid sabotaging a career, and to explore ways to succeed.

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