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Television – Beauty V Brawn!

What style of televisions are being purchased the most and why? Do we search for the best looking television? Is the latest style of TV what draws our attention or is it performance? It seems that beauty is winning out over the braawn of televisions. It’s not the aesthetic beauty that we search for, however. What we are seeing the rise in is the beauty of the screen and how close we can feel we are. We are seeing a rise in purchase of TVs that make us feel like we’re not just watching the show, but are part of it. This ever growing trend is going to lead us to a rise in VR televisions. The muscle-bound televisions of old are phasing out. These days, the sleek and sexy television is what we want and here’s why.

Better Viewing

When it comes to purchasing a new TV, bigger is better. There is actually a specific ideology when it comes to owning a television. According to most of us, when we purchase a TV for our bedrooms, we purchase a TV that has no less than a 32-inch screen. Depending n the size of your living room, you’re going to want to get a TV that has a screen of at least 50 inches, tough you’ll find that these days most of us have a 60 inch TV. Some of you may think that a TV of that size is too big, but trust me, when you’re streaming Netflix, you’ll understand the appeal. The most common complaint that I hear from someone that’s recently purchased a TV is that they didn’t go big enough.

From HD to UHD

It seems like we all just managed to get an HDTV. HD TV prices are coming down in price at a fast rate. A lot of them are still a bit too expensive for our tastes, but just about all of us have one now. Why? It should be obvious. There’s something even better out there now. 4k TVs. Otherwise known as UHD TVs. Ultra High Definition TVs are the new “must have” TV on the market. You may have noticed that a lot of gaming laptops and computers offered UHD. Now we have a chance to get a 4k TV. I’ve heard the 4k TV called the “TV of the future”. A normal HD TV can only be viewed from about 30 degrees to each side. The UHD TV can be seen perfectly to 100 degrees to the sides. It’s fairly obvious as to which one we’d buy if given the chance. The Thinner the Better

The trend of buying curved TVs has slowed down a bit. This is due to the fact that a vast majority of the time we can’t tell the difference in picture and quality. The difference between a curved TV and a TV that’s not curved at all doesn’t register a difference, for most of us, when viewed straight on. For aesthetic purposes, and personal preference, we still see people buying curved TVs. The biggest and most obvious preference, when it comes to purchasing a TV, is how thin it is. The thinner the better. We want the perks of having a huge TV, but we’d rather not have the bulk that goes with it.

If your into the manufacture, distribution or retail of physical TV’s or AV equipment, it’s clear that your product line needs to be beautiful!

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