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Senior Broadcast Technology Executives… Are you really punching your weight?

Not everyone knows their net worth in their industry. Some short change their value and are more focused on the company’s bottom line. When you reach the level of Vice President and beyond, there is still an importance on getting paid what you deserve. All your certifications, perhaps your MBA, real world experience, and expertise you bring to your position should be compensated and delivered to you at your actual value.

When you’re applying for senior level positions, you need to go beyond the norm. In the broadcast technology industry, high level positions aren’t plentiful and you’ll want to showcase you are right for the position and that the company would make a grave mistake for overlooking you. So how do you show how much you are worth to this industry?

A good place to begin is to ensure that a potential employer knows what you’ve done.

Do more than just tell them this was the progression I made in a position. In every position, with every promotion, let them know what you were hired to do and how you not only met those expectations, but exceeded the job requirements. Be detailed and give clear, concise answers to interview questions that probe. Show that you know your stuff and that you have the real world experience to meet the requirements that are in place for the position you are applying for.

To further reflect your value, you’ll need to show your experience at a management level. This is best done with a simple approach that shows your level of experience and depth. First you touch on the challenge you faced in a previous role and identify the honest root problem. Then you explore the action that was needed to correct the problem and what the result was from the action. Finally, look at the strategic impact it had on the bottom line of the company and how it improve the goals and targets of the organisation.

Reflect that you are more than just a person who fits a seat, you are also a brand.

When the company brings you on board, they are taking in your brand also. These attributes and associated traits with you will reflect positive on them in the industry and your name and reputation can help you to secure a job. The goal here is to have the company see what value you hold and to understand that they aren’t just getting a body to fill a seat, but a level of experience that they can’t financially afford to pass up on.

Market participation is often undervalued, are you a thought leader? If not, become one – showcase your knowledge at NAB or other similar events, take guest speaking slots on webinars and podcasts, put your knowledge and thoughts to paper and communicate that on LinkedIn or other similar channels – this stuff elevates you to “Authority Status” before a conversation about careers or job opportunities even comes to light.

Remember that your CV alone can’t sell you. You need to make sure that if you have special skills, that have helped your previous company to exceed several billion dollars, or helped to start an industry recognised initiative, talk about it. Just make sure you take the time to continue to build your presence, name and brand through your entire career and the impact will ne immense.

If you’d like to know more about how to position your-self more effectively in the Broadcast market place book a 10 minute Career ignition call with me at: Career Ignition Call

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