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Media and Broadcast executives…. Get ahead with Data Analytics and Visualisation!

Every business wants to be number one in their field.  They want to get ahead of the competition and to improve their bottom line.  Do you know how to get ahead and to stay ahead of your competitors? The answer is by gathering the data that is available to you from current customers and using it to provide for your present customers and entice your prospective customers.

Today with so many people connected to the online world, there is a plethora of data available. It’s out there for perusal to the business whose staff is smart enough to use it. That big data is in use by some of the most successful businesses in the world. Its use will continue to grow , assisting businesses in boosting their bottom line by helping them to anticipate the market, the customer, and the products that will best sell.

According to projections, the amount of data available is – not surprisingly – growing by leaps and bounds. The experts say that by 2020 the amount of data that we have available to us to use will be approximately fifty times what we have to review today.

There is an enormous amount of customer data available to businesses and unsurprisingly, it’s growing; in fact by 2020 analysts predict the amount of data will be 50 times what it is today. The IDC Study, released in early 2012 predicted that Big data and data analytics would be used by every company who wanted to stay in business.

While many customers  see this as an invasion of their privacy, most businesses see it as essential for survival.  Who’s right?  Do you  really need big data and what can it offer you?

Big data and the analysis of the same can afford you a better look at buying trends.

Going over all of the data from purchases in the past  6-12 months can help you to find out whether your customers are buying seasonally  and if so, what that season is and  how to predict the next buying sprees.

It can help you to give better customer service to those customers who are currently part of your organisation and to draw in those who are not yet customers by determining what they want, how and when they want it.

It saves you a great deal of time. Businesses can turn the data in to something that will help them to get more sales without spending hours and hours going over endless spreadsheets to find the trends and the means to use them. That leaves your sales team free to do what they do best-sell.

If you’re targeting better then you’re going to be selling better and that’s something that every business can get behind. How are you using your big data and what has it done for you so far?

About the Author

15 Years into a career in Broadcast Technology recruitment have taught Dan Addy a thing or two about how to operate. Having spent 13 or so of those years working for multi-national recruiters,  boutique Search firms and blue chips, Dan founded DTT Broadcast in 2015 with a strong desire to add value in massive measures and at every turn.

“Recruiters are a fickle sort, I mean it took me 8 years to realise that I was in the industry to stay – its at that point when my approach to engagement really began to change”

Dan’s Modus operandi is to drive into the core values and desires of all stakeholders to really deliver a service with impact.

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