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Are you convergent with content delivery?

Multi platform content delivery is one of the significant advancements we’ve made in broadcast technology. Today, we have both live and on demand content that is being transmitted to tablets, PCs, smartphones, video game devices, and even televisions. While we like to claim that convergence has arrived, the truth is that there is still an evolution in media that is taking place.

As we look at the leaders in broadcast technology, we see how there is a diversified multiplatform of content in place. This is allowing us to offer additional digital offerings and to ensure that there are countless hours of content ready to go. But there is still a considerable amount of change that needs to take place for convergence to happen. There is a need for more expansive distributive outlets on the internet, while having this content provide value to the consumer so they feel like there is value to the content that is being watched.

As the multi platform content delivery system expands, more can be done with it. This isn’t just linear television that people watch. This is a chance to get realistic program views from broadcast programming that goes beyond what Nielsen has the ability to do. It’s a chance for us to see how much of the original content on BBC people watch and even how long they remain invested in a program at a time. The amount of information that could be mined from this multi platform content delivery is just waiting to be explored.

While some are crying foul, others are realising this is a market trend that isn’t going away. People are replacing their traditional set top boxes for those that can stream Netflix, Hulu, and other pay programming options. This technology allows every room in the home to stream their favourite programs at the same time, without catching anyone off guard.

In order to fully cross over to convergence, we do need to ensure that we take the time to also embrace the cloud. It is the cloud that will allow us to ensure that the content is available to customers all over the world. This technology is essential for video on demand, over the top, TV everywhere, and other connected tools.

Those in public broadcasting are wise to jump on to the multi platform content delivery systems of the future. These possibilities will not only provide the ability to expand on the reach they have, but to also help to inspire audiences and find new ways to help connect the general public to content. All while having plenty of options that these individuals demand. That way, we are able to achieve convergence in our industry in the future.

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