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3 reasons not to attend NAB

Under the bright Las Vegas sun, the National Association of Broadcasters makes its return with another edition of its well-known event, NAB,  attended by more than 105,200 people last year.

As we are counting down the days before the most attended Broadcast Technology and Media event of the year, this is a special opportunity to put business into perspective again, network and think about the next steps for your growing company. You may have the widely held belief that it is imperative for your business to be represented at this event… But are you going because you should? Or are you going because it makes business sense right now?

For sure,  NAB provides a precious opportunity to nurture existing relationships, generate new ones  and promote your latest product or service offering… However, before you attend NAB this year, you should consider 3 reasons why it may be worth changing your plans:

You’re not represented by the best brand ambassadors.

Out of the conference rooms and trendy exhibitions, another game is played. One in which having a clear pitch and being able to connect and network effectively makes a whole world difference to your results. We all know the importance of this event, which became a reference in the sector from when it was launched in 2008. Thousands of attendees, huge personalities and fantastic opportunities. All the more reason to be represented by the very best people in your organisation, people who understand and can convey your value proposition and will stand by it like nobody else in the world.

Your representatives should be true evangelists who will be able to transcend the image of your company above NAB and across our industry globally.  Your image will surely stand outside Vegas, in fact all over the world, especially given the fact that we count more than 28,000 people who crossed barriers to attend NAB.

You haven’t planned a strong NAB strategy

Afterwards, the second most important element  to take account of is your data strategy. You may have the most effective representatives, invested in the best located stand, but that’s only the beginning. The most important part of attending the event should be creating relationships and being able to follow-up with those people you have spoken to.

Do you decide to collect business cards? Would you rather take their email address or telephone number? And, after the event, what will be your follow-up strategy? Launching an email marketing campaign? Reaching out to the people you have met one by one over the phone or face to face? Having a strong strategy will definitely help you, not only creating qualitative relationships, but also being able to maintain them over a long period of time! Otherwise, you won’t exploit the whole potential of this huge event and you most certainly won’t realize a return on your investment.

Which brings us to the final reason why you should NOT attend NAB…

You will lose money!

Speaking of business now, going to NAB represents a cost and you need to transform it into a profitable opportunity, which brings you a good return on investment. Apart from the questions we evoked that you should wonder about, this one remains really important : do you really NEED to attend NAB? Is it a priority, which will help you get what you need for your company now or at any point in the future?

Being able to distinguish the BUSINESS CRITICAL activities from the VANITY PROJECTS is a real asset that will enable you to accelerate the growth of your business exponentially.  Above all, being wise and taking this thoughtful decision will prevent you from making  bad  investment decisions… Which could mean you decide NOT to attend this year’s NAB event.

If you recognize yourself in one (or more!) of these three reasons, your plan to attend NAB this year should really be revised. It has to be a thoughtful decision backed with a plan to optimize the results you can get from this show. Networking, discussing and finding new business models, improving your plans and making them even more valuable to the market place.

Attending NAB is a serious opportunity to accelerate the growth of your business. However, NAB isn’t the only strategy to create growth, click here to discover UnityCom™, our proprietary model for business growth in Broadcast Technology.

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